The communication surrounding the creation of music is fascinating.  What is the intention? Where is the aim?  Who is this for?  By reflecting on questions and putting those queries into action we can strive for greater musical depth.  Sometimes the music says it all, sometimes it only comes to light after discussion.  Either way there is the clearest possible interaction between me and the sound.  It is never about my personal dogma, it's about hearing music and finding the most impactful perspective.

Alex DeTurk is a Mastering Engineer residing in NYC.  

Recently mastered for digital release – Leah Dou, Mark Guiliana, Nerve with Jojo Mayer, Ian Chang, Violet Sands, Ben Allison, and Walter Martin.  

Vinyl mastering for D'angelo, David Bowie, Sting, Blond Redhead, John Zorn, Taylor Swift, Butterscotch Records, Newvelle Records.